Agència Catalana de Turisme Patronat de Turisme de Girona

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  • On July 27, 2019
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The name of the Organisation/Company/Project,
address, contact data, Links (website e.g.)

Agència Catalana de Turisme
Patronat de Turisme de Girona

Best practise category (number) 6
Main activity and purpose
Training about accessible tourism

Who are the target/concerned groups?
Agents-participants-entrepreneurs in relation with activities, equipments,

What are the values and goals regarding accessible tourism? (Are these expressed?)
In our Region is something quite new, this is only the second year that they organize this.
The expert was a man that between the first and second time of the training he was developing
a degenerative illness, so the second time he talk also from his self experience

Relevance (what is the accessible tourism challenge and social problem being solved?)
The most important thing is the awareness of difficult access to certain activities, from the experience itself. Only when we are aware of the problems and needs can we work to solve them and involve the other agents in it. The collaboration between all the agents is basic.

Feasibility (how this model solves the challenge – does it work? )
Well, it gives clues about how people with some kind of mobility and / or comprehension difficulties feel when they arrive at a tourist equipment or service and do not know / can use it because it does not adapt to their needs. From here you can start thinking about how resources should be considered and explained so that they are really accessible.

Sustainability ((How long does it exist and what are the long term benefits,
what changes has been reached)

It is relatively new, only these courses have been taught in the last two years, but the idea is that
they are being implemented and extended as an essential training for equipment that wants to be really accessible.

Does the organisation claim to be practicing any form of Social Innovation?
It can be considered innovation since it is not officially implemented, and there are still many equipment and services without this training from its staff.

What can we learn from this practice for Peer-AcT?
The content of these courses can help us to give form and content to the training that we want to impart from the project, and can also refer to the counseling centers that we are going to establish in each partner country.