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15th – 16th May

Osijek, 2019


The second meeting of PeerAct project partners, oriented on inclusive tourism, was held in Osijek in May 2019. First day, May 15th, Association “Zvono” from Belišće, whose members have been helping people with disabilities with their involvement in everyday life for a long time, hosted us. The meeting took place in the area of their volunteer camp and the center for creative activities “Citadel”. Each of the partners presented examples of good practice from their home countries in terms of inclusion of people with disabilities in tourism. Conclusions have been made about what are the advantages and disadvantages and what can be improved. Also, we have determined the guidelines and the time period for further actions on the project by individual partners. After the meeting we visited Nature Park Kopački rit located in Baranja region, one of the largest wetland areas in Europe. The second day, May 16th meeting was held in house of the Association for Creative Development Slap in Erdut, not far from Osijek, where we established the work methodology of the project, made the final conclusions and evaluated the meeting. After the meeting we visited the local landmark, the Erdut tower, overlooking the Danube. We also visited the birthplace of Croatian scientist Milutin Milanković in Dalj, and our hosts also introduced new tactile plates for visually impaired visitors in the newly renovated home of the famous scientist.