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About VSBI

The VSBI was founded in 2005 to develop and implement innovative ideas for the support of people with disabilities for their independently living and full inclusion in the society and employment. VSBI is providing them services to support the access to personal budget and personal assistance and is running bigger offices in Merseburg (Saxony-Anhalt, seat of the VSBI) and in Erfurt (Thuringia). 
With the Peer-AcT project the VSBI wants to empower and train people with disabilities as peer-experts in own interests. This shall give them more opportunities to become equal part in the adult learning sector as stake- and shareholders as well as making accessible tourism better and appropriate to the needs of people with disabilities.


Contact person: Roger Schmidtchen 
Address: Sixtistr. 16a D-06217 Merseburg, Germany 
Phone: +49 (0) 3461 441326 
Business hours: 
Monday – Friday 9am to 8pm 
Saturday – Sunday – Closed 


KOPF, HAND + FUSS (KHuF) actively campaigns for everyone who is different to be accepted in and valued by society, as well as to enable to them to actively contribute – inclusion. In other words, for people both with or without a disability or handicap to understand, respect and support one another. Education is a key success-factor for the concept of inclusion. This is why KHuF focusses their efforts on the development and implementation of integration and further education projects in their pursuit of inclusion, specifically targeting disabled and handicapped people. These goals will be achieved through:
– The development of special education and learning concepts as well as specific learning and teaching materials for
disabled and handicapped people,
– The implementation of courses,
– The promotion and support of intellectual and professional exchanges as well as the collaboration between all those, both people and organisations, involved and interested in education of disabled people (those directly affected, associations, sponsors and social welfare institutions, i.a.),
– The development, realisation and evaluation of further education and qualification measures to ensure the better integration of people with disabilities and handicaps into the world of work,
– The informative work about possibilities to integrate disabled and handicapped people into the world of work.
KHuF sees great potential to enable equal participation for everyone through the use of new media. Various apps, learning platforms and software have been developed as a result of our projects.


Contact person: Stefanie Trzecinski
Adress: Oudenarder Str. 16, 13347 Berlin
Phone: +49 30 83216640
Business Hours:
Mo – Th: 9 am -17 pm
Fr: 9 am – 4 pm

About Zöld-Aktív Szociális Szövetkezet

Zöld-Aktív Szociális Szövetkezet (Gree-Active Social Cooperative) was established in 2013 for social purposes. 
Based in Orfű, this settlement includes the county’s main tourist attractions. The main goal is to find jobs for the members of the cooperative to raise their standard of living. There is a big emphasis on to extend seasonal employment opportunities in the area for full year employment, improving the situation of local and regional tourism enterprises, local community service, new approaches in the way of living toward sustainable development. Both the social and the ecological aspects are important for us. 
Our cooperative is also active in tourism and in “green” lifestyle. Local products, local markets, local workers and local co-operation are basically focused.  The enterprise work with a research and social political background, developing and offering sustainable and social activities and services in the county of Baranya. Most of the founders and staff of our organization are experienced in tourism and/or education, and also have special skills and sense to focus on the questions of accessibility in tourism. 
Our featured partner is the University of Pécs Faculty of Economics. We work together with professors and researchers of the Marketing and Tourism Institute. 
The social cooperative considers it important to take part in transnational projects where we could learn from each other, we can exchange experience and jointly develop programs. 


Contact person:  
Tibor Gonda 
Veronika Pataki 
H-7677 Orfű, Dollár u. 1. 
Office in Pécs: HU-7625 Pécs, Vince u. 9/2. 
 Phone: +36 30 6621941 

About Association for creative development SLAP

Slap is a development oriented organization, dedicated to promotion of eco-social economy values and practices, creating sustainable models of eco-social economy and acting as a resource center for social enterprises.  With 8 permanent staff and a pool of more than 20 external experts in various areas of socio-economic development and social marketing, over the years Slap has developed many capacity building programs, has provided more than 600 workshops and seminars to more than 4000 participants and has implemented more than 100 projects. PeerACT is an integral part of the program Turistica through which Slap is linking tourism service providers, creating Panona tours, a DMC specialized in active and cultural tourism and at the same time promoting the principles of inclusive tourism.


Contact person: Sonja Vuković
Address: Lorenza Jagera 6/3, 31000 Osijek, Croatia
Phone: 00385 31 213 556
Business hours:
Monday – Friday 8am to 4pm
Saturday – Sunday – Closed

About Unione Montana

The Alta Langa Mountain Union of Municipalities is a Public Body made of 38 Municipalities located in the Southern part of Piemonte Region, Italy.The “Unione” is aimed at promoting and economic development, safeguarding and enhancing the mountain territories. In particular it pursues the aim of promoting socio-economic development as well as the protection of its territory and environment. The final purpose of the cooperation among the Municipalities to improve the living conditions of citizens and to provide them with adequate levels of services. L’Unione Montana Alta Langa delegates to the Consorzio Socio-Assistenziale Alba-Langhe-Roero (a syndicate of municipalities in charge for the welfare services) the management of all activities of support of people with fragility caused by economic and social poverty, elderly and disability. Tourism is a fundamental economic sector for the territory and in the last years it permitted the employability of young people and the birth of many small enterprises. The future objective of the territory is to strengthen the sector either involving disabled inhabitants either providing more accessible services and destinations.

Unione Montana ALTA LANGA

Contact us:
Unione Montana Alta Langa
Piazza Oberto, 1
120160 Bossolasco (CN) Italy
Tel. 0039 0173 799000


Probens was created in the end of 1983. We have the experience to work in youth and adult training as well as in vocational training with national, regional and local networks for more than 30 years, and about 20 years in international projects. We are specialists in work with social segregated people: women, young people, children, and unemployed people elder than 45 years. We are on national level of incidence. In this moment PROBENS employs 16 professionals, 12 volunteers and 5 students in practicum (in Barcelona – Catalonia and Inca – Mallorca). Our first objective is to help people to find a job, to give the different skills and methods for to be autonomous in their processes to integration.
We have 3 different branches of activity:
Employment: we make individual itineraries for people that look for a new job, after long period unemployed; included specific trainings, and intermediation with different enterprises to find good offers. Also be make sessions for to improve the employment competences of our target group.
– Youth services: we work with young people from 18-21 years old that were in tutelage for the State when they were minors. We make with them the individual itineraries for to help to be autonomous. Also we manage mobility projects for Young people with problems for to find a job (send and received groups).
– Training services: we make specific trainings for professionals and voluntaries from other organizations, also for private enterprises and public organisms, concerning our specialties: interculturality, European projects, social networks, etc.
– In Mallorca we have one more branch: the socio-educative projects, for work with a children and young people (educational reinforcement, psychological support for them and their families, alternative activities, preparation for the entry to the employment market, …).
We are members of REIN, one European network, and also active members of different local, regional and national networks. Our role in this project is to plan the evaluation of the development of the project and its results, as well as to think about the structure of the training and the training and advisory centres that will be created during the project. Our organization doesn’t work directly and exclusively with disabled people, but we serve anyone who needs to find a job or improve their employability. But we do have contact with many companies and organizations that work with these groups, and we also have contacts with tourism organisms, which are very interested in the subject of the project.


Contact person:
Business hours:
Monday –
Saturday –